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Welcome to the TAHA Convent Chennai

Thank you for visiting us! Whether you are considering TAHA as your next school or have already decided to come aboard, we hope you are inspired by our sense of purpose, our commitment to excellence, and our devotion to the development of each student.

Why is TAHA CONVENT the right choice for you and your family?


Since the school’s beginning in 1990, we have been a close-knit community of learners committed along with imparting Islamic Studies, academic excellence, a passion for learning, and serving others. We focus on multi dimension role of the Student Community. At TAHA CONVENT we want to assure that students nurture the joy that comes with learning. We want students to learn to apply what they know to real world problems. We seek to help them understand a vast array of problem-solving strategies and skills, and to work collaboratively, fairly, and effectively with others.

Today, we are situated in the heart of the Perambur. And our main aim is to uplift the student in par with the dynamic society. We are a school that sees our diversity and sense of community as the foundations of our focus on each child as an individual learner, of our challenging and relevant IMAX Curriculum at all grades, and of our rich and engaging activities and athletics programs. The 21st century is calling for compassionate, humane contributors, critical thinkers, creative

innovators, and versatile and skilled communicators. We have created our Vision for TAHA that captures what we want for students.

Welcome to TAHA CONVENT, India and Chennai! Our doors are open to you. And with you, we will seek to inspire, guide, and learn with your children. Come to TAHA CONVENT and experience the Teaching Learning Transformation. Please, join us.


FOUNDER of School

Strategic Pathways

Strategic Pathways articulate three-year vision statements around core priority areas. Annual Goals and Actions Plans will support the vision in our Strategic Pathway Areas.

Pathway:Learning & Experiential Opportunities

IMAX an International Curriculum with aim at Transforming Teaching Learning Experience

Pathway: Learning & Innovation in the System

TAHA Convent implements innovative learning experiences incorporating the inquiry framework and transdisciplinary skills, and alternative schedules to engage the vision of the AISC learner.

Pathway: Learning & Vision for the Learner

As a means to live the mission, TAHA integrates abilities to achieve success through the Vision for the Learner into the culture of the school. It is done with the regular Internation Curriculun, Arabic and Moral Classes for the student We have integrated HIFZ Classes with Singapore Online Quran Classes .

Pathway: Learning & Inquiry in the Curriculum

TAHA integrates the inquiry framework and project-based learning into the curriculum development process.

Pathway: Learning & Wellbeing

TAHA creates an integrated student wellbeing program that promotes and fosters healthy habits, self-awareness, self-management and positive relationships.

Strategies: Resources

We will strategically use all possible resources to create a learning community aligned with our Core Values and Mission.

Strategies: Talent

The school will hire, develop and retain staff members who embody the school Mission and Core Values.

Pathway: Talent & Professional Growth

TAHA develops a professional growth, well-being, and evaluation framework that is aligned to best practices and to the vision for an TAHA learner, incorporates faculty learning and development.

Strategies: Community

We will actively communicate, support, and contribute to our Core Values and Mission so that our community lives the shared vision.

Pathway: Community & Advancement

TAHA enhances its reputation locally and globally and expands engagement and support across all stakeholder groups.

Pathway: Community & Environmental Sustainability

TAHA enlists the participation of all stakeholder groups to incorporate environmentally sustainable policies, practices, and programming in alignment with our mission and core values.